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4 Best Practices in Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors


Promoting your financial planning practice online requires more than just having a website or a Facebook page.

Instead, it’s a battle between those who can maximise search engine optimisation, with producing good content, and also be able to find the right clients in the first place.

There are many ways financial advisors can offer their services in the digital space. But how will you sell your services online through digital marketing? 

1. Keep Your Website Updated

Remember that search engines update and improve what they look for on the Internet constantly. 

That means a financial advisor’s website will have to be updated regularly to remain competitive, professional and in line with on trend branding. 

If your website isn’t updated properly for Google’s standards, it won’t even appear in Google’s search results – even if people are searching directly for you. 

And if you aren’t appearing in the first page of results, that is a massive problem.

Your website should be designed to let your clients identify your qualifications and services. It will help clients make their own decision about who they pick as their financial advisor. Furthermore, websites should be optimised to appeal to your target audience. 

Finally and importantly, the site should be mobile-friendly. It is simple: mobile devices are the future of the Internet.

2. Maintain a Good Reputation

People want to do business with companies they know and trust. That means financial advisors must maintain a good reputation and ensure current clients speak well of them. A strong reputation will give an advisor an edge over the competition.

That said, a good reputation is more than just a happy client. It’s also a good collection of testimonials and reviews, along with a decent list of clients. These items are essential to a successful website and successful digital reputation.

3. Create Quality Content

The Internet is driven by quality content. As a financial advisor, is it critical to publish quality and topical content about your services, your business and how you help people with your organisation. 

Advisors can write about popular issues among investors, such as investing in real estate. They could also write about financial topics at the forefront of the media for timeliness. If you have topical content on your website in a blog section, Google is more likely to recognsie your website and rank you higher. 

4. Take Advantage of SEO

SEO is perhaps the most effective way to advertise on the Internet. The process simply involves doing things that search engines like and then optimising them to find those things and recognise the site easily.

For example, an advisor can refresh their websites to remain competitive and in line with Google’s technical guidelines. They can also incorporate keywords into their site’s content. Those keywords will be repeated in the metadata. The most successful SEO campaigns also include a mix of images and text in their posts.

It has never been easier for financial advisors to sell their services online. 

An advisor who wants to succeed has to do more than just create a website and publish articles. Instead, they should take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity.

MSB is a digital marketing agency for financial services, offering content and SEO marketing services. Our goal is to help financial institutions and advisors to sell their services online by building digital marketing solutions built specifically for financial planners. 

We understand the industry. We understand how marketing can help you generate leads and grow your business. We know that holistic digital marketing campaigns get real results online. 

Schedule a call with our team today and let’s build your business an online presence that helps you be found and trusted.



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