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How to Use Email Marketing to Unleash the Value of Your Mailing List: Part 1

Email Marketing

Including 9 Essential Email Marketing Tips that Actually Drive Results

If you like the idea of generating more income from a mailing list you already own or are looking to grow, this article is for you.

Email marketing is one of the longest running and most effective forms of digital marketing available today.

But if you’re responsible for your company’s day-to-day email marketing strategies, it can be difficult to know where to start or even if your efforts are returning real results.

In a noisy marketing world where new strategies seem to be popping up left, right and centre (hello TikTok), why is one of the oldest online communication tools still so relevant?

Because put simply it works. In fact, the conversion rate is unbelievably high: according to OptinMonster, the ROI on email marketing can be as high as 4400%.


So why does email marketing work so well?

First, it is unlikely you will meet someone that does not have at least one email address. The world sends over 102.6 trillion emails every year and most of us check our emails at least once a day.

Emails are prominent form of communication to say the least.

The first job in marketing your services is to get attention, to be where your clients are. Then as a business, you should be making your way into that space and getting your brand in front of their eyes.

Plus, email is direct. It takes one second to land in someone’s inbox meaning it takes 1 second for them to be aware of your business, your new product or your seasonal special.

That is one valuable second. So, how can we make sure it does not go to waste and every second you invest in writing and sending emails is delivering real results?

To help you see greater success, here are our top tips to inspire you to create your best email marketing campaigns – campaigns that’ll turn those ‘maybe clients’ into ‘right fit’ fee paying clients.


Here are 12 email marketing tips you can use to add value and actually see the results:

1. Personalise the email greeting

“Hi member”

“Good afternoon”

“Hello valued user”

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see an email that isn’t directly addressed to me, I feel less engaged and sometimes don’t even open it. These generic greetings definitely don’t make me feel like a “valued user” – more like a no-name subscriber on a mailing list.

Personalising an email greeting to include your subscriber’s name grabs attention straight away and makes them feel special – like you have gone out of your way to write to them individually even though deep down, they know you haven’t.

Using an automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program makes this personalisation simple so you don’t have to copy and paste each name and email. Most of them will address the reader by name automatically when set up correctly!

2. Keep the subject concise

Keep the email subject line short, sweet and to the point. Don’t be pushy trying to sell in the headline or your carefully crafted email may end up in the spam folder. You can make them personal or descriptive, but make sure your subject line isn’t too long that it gets cut off!

According to research from Maketo, the most click worthy subject lines contain 41 characters (approximately 7 words long).

3. Include an email signature

Even if you are sending emails from the company rather than a specific person, you should still always include an email signature from an individual. An email signature adds a human touch to your communications and improves engagement.

Consider sending it from the CEO or manager – the right person will depend on your organisational structure.

You can quickly add a professional-looking signature using HubSpot’s Email Signature Generator.

4. Plan your messaging and strategy in advance

Unlike that off-the-cuff speech you gave at your second-best friend’s 21st birthday, ‘winging it’ is not a good strategy here!

Preparation is the key to achieving real results with email marketing. Here are some questions to consider before the temptation to ‘wing it’ begins to creep in.

  • Who are you sending emails to? Knowing your audience helps you personalise and write relevant content.
  • What is the reason for sending these emails? What action do you want your clients to take? This will help structure your campaign.
  • How often are you going to send them? Creating a timeline or email content calendar goes a long way. This means you won’t send 5 emails a week for a month and then run out of ideas. Consistency is key.

No matter what your goal is, a little planning always goes a long way.

5. Balance authority with empathy

No matter your business, you want to be the leader in your specific field. It’s important that your emails have an authoritative voice so you can show your clients and potential new clients that you are the best in what you do.

In saying that, you don’t want to scare people away. To do this, be sure that after demonstrating you are a trusted expert who can solve their problems you show empathy towards their situation.

6. Avoid “no-reply” in your email address

If you have ever received a no-reply email, it may as well say “we don’t want to talk to you”. It’s not very welcoming and that is definitely not the message you want your clients to receive from you.

Sometimes, it’s just a simple setting that you need to turn off so try sending a tester mail to a colleague or friend to make sure you are contactable and are inviting questions and queries from clients.

7. Use a time-saving CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program is going to become you best friend while you create and rollout email marketing campaigns. CRMs help automate your emails, keep track of all your subscribers and see if your emails are converting (being opened, links being clicked and leading to sales).

Stuck on which CRM to use – check out some of Australia’s most popular CRM platforms.

8. Find the balance between too little and too much

We often hear about business owners avoiding email marketing because they do not want to annoy their clients or potential new clients by sending too many emails. And whilst in our experience it pays to keep in regular contact, there can be a sweet spot.

The real number depends on your industry, your business and ultimately if you have something valuable to share. Tracking whether your emails are being opened, deleted or even if people unsubscribing is a great way to gauge this.

While the number for each business is different, according to clickz.com, approximately 90% of customers say they want emails from businesses at least monthly and over 60% say they want emails at least weekly.

9. Provide real value

Finally, the purpose of every single one of your emails should be to provide value to your clients. Instead of always talking about your business and what you do, share ways you can help solve problems and make people’s lives better.

This will help you build stronger relationships and ensure your clients are much more interested in what you have to offer.

Creating effective email marketing campaigns that drive results doesn’t need to be daunting or time-consuming. Follow these simple, yet highly effective tips and begin turning new subscribers into new clients like clockwork.


Can you imagine being a business owner and having actual work-life balance as well? It can be done, but to get there you need to grow.  

The question is…

Will 2021 be your year…?

Or will you get (another) 12 months down the track and remain unsatisfied with where your business is at?

Building a business that pays you more, and gives you back more time is simpler than you think.

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