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How to Use Email Marketing to Unleash the Value of Your Mailing List: Part 2

Could these 3 little-known conversion tricks drive sales in your email campaign?

You can be doing all the right little things in your email marketing strategies and still, if it’s not making you money, you’re understandably going to be frustrated.

Conversion is the key to success.

There’s no use putting long hours and time and effort into an activity if it’s not getting you results. Especially when you know it has the potential to (i.e. that crazy, successful 4400% returns on investment).

Luckily enough for you, the very nature of emails makes them the perfect tool to convert clients.

Emails are transactional in their very nature

Emails are purposeful. They encourage action. They’re transactional.

Whether you realise it or not, we are trained to do something when we get an email. Whether the email is asking us to reply, buy something or click-through to another page.

The need for action is drilled into our brain – so as long as the email is going to provide value, we are automatically looking for that next step.

You can use this to your advantage directing traffic to your website, driving sales, or converting potential clients to reliable, loyal ones.

When you look through your inbox, it tends to be filled with very URGENT, life-changing, sales-oriented messages which if you don’t take action in the next 30 seconds, your life will be a disaster!!

We all know it’s not true. Most email marketers are more dramatic than contestants on The Bachelor! But melodrama doesn’t necessarily achieve results.

So, what’s the best strategy?

You’ve got your 10 best tips covered in part 1, now let’s get into the real good stuff, the tricks that will help your email marketing to convert 24/7.

Here are 3 conversion tricks you should use in your email marketing campaign:

1. Lower the commitment bar

As much as you might want them to be, every one of your clients is not going to be 120% committed to your business. Some will, some won’t and that’s okay! They can still be part of your mailing list; they can still be profitable clients without giving you their absolute attention and time.

Don’t set your commitment bar ridiculously high as this is only going to scare them off. Buying your product, subscribing to your mailing list, or signing up to a webinar shouldn’t feel like entering a binding, lifetime contract.



Obviously, we’re not going to name and shame brands and businesses that do this kind of email marketing – to each their own!

Some people also just aren’t as decisive as others, they may need a little more time and nurturing to feel safe or a few extra emails to be fully super convinced that you’re the one – the business for them.

One way to do this is to be empathetic with your client’s time and decisions. Show them you understand their problems and explain how you can help in a subtle, stress-free way.

Plus, not every email you send should be selling something. Scroll back to part #1/tip #10 to remind yourself to provide value with every email you send.

Checkout HubSpot’s free email templates you can try out to engage your mailing list and convert clients.

2. Offer quick, valuable wins

Now you of all people know that your service is going to do amazing things for people when they completely and 100% invest. But not everybody is going to be at this point – 100% ready to dive into your best product or full package service immediately.

*insert nurturing process*

Your email campaign should guide your subscribers through a journey starting with small, quick valuable wins and slowly working them up to the biggest win.

What’s important is that you want to introduce these quick valuable wins as soon as possible.

Some people either can’t (or just don’t want to) focus on the long term. The longer away a solution, the less likely people want to be involved.

So, give them what they want, a small quick win.  It could be:

    • A free budget and debt template they can use to start managing their money
    • A quick consultation where you can share some simple strategies
    • An E-book which gives them valuable information about their superannuation

Check out this email from which provides BUCKETLOADS of content and free resources making it an easy and valuable win for me!


Marie Forleo


What’s the quickest most valuable win you can offer your clients to bring them on board?

3. Coach decisiveness

Your emails should offer a decision that has to be made. Like all emails, they have a purpose. What’s essential is to make this purpose – and your offer – clear.

If you’ve implemented the first 2 tricks in this guide, you’ve already made them feel safe about the decision and you’re showing them how you can provide value. So, you’re ready for to offer them a decision.

Obviously sometimes, the answer to your offer is going to be no. And that’s okay as well. It is very unlikely that you will ever get a 100% success rate with your email marketing.

But just by giving your customers a decision to make, you are giving them an option to say YES. And sometimes that’s all it takes to get the win.

Best-selling author and marketing guru, Donald Miller, says that many sales are lost to “no decision”, not better competition or cheaper competition, but absolutely nothing.

“Customers don’t take action unless they are challenged to take action.”

–Donald Miller

Which is why your email marketing should coach decisiveness and end with a decision to be made. Include a call to action or a question that asks people if they are in or out.

Donald goes on to say that your call to actions should be clear, bold, and active.

Here’s an example of an email invitation I sent out inviting people to apply for a masterclass – and my call to action was clear and simple so people know exactly what they have to do to join:


Check out Campaign Monitor’s 75 examples of call to actions you can search through to find the perfect one for your email.

Offering a decision to be made is the final step to lead your mailing lists to clients, ones that will grow your business and help you succeed.

If you’re ready to incorporate results-based email marketing into your business strategies, there has never been a better to start. What are the results? More clients, more free time and all the success you could ever want!

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