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Time Poor? Try this trick used by nrl.com

Marketing Content

Halve the time you spend producing marketing content each week

Have you ever read halfway through an article on time management only to tell yourself you are too busy to be reading an article on time management?

If you find yourself nodding, you are not alone. The many demands placed on the owner of an advice business can often leave you feeling more flustered than a one-armed knife juggler.

From personal experience, knowing what to focus on and when can be one of the biggest frustrations. However, one thing is for sure: finding ways to do more with less time is essential if you are to continue to grow and do so profitably.

If you too are experiencing the same frustrations that many business owners face when trying to generate more work in less time, what can you do about it?

I’m going to show you how you can adopt the same marketing trick used by one of Australia’s largest and most successful producers of online content; a trick that will allow you to more than halve the amount of time you invest in creating something which is essential to the success of any advice business today – marketing content.

Before we start, if you’re not already aware of the role marketing content can play in generating new sales  – check out our recent article here.

Let’s get to it…

There is no doubt, the businesses who thrive today are the ones who produce great marketing content and do so consistently. The other thing they are doing is something that nrl.com has absolutely mastered.

They are repurposing, recutting, and repackaging the same content repeatedly. Here’s why this approach is so successful:

  • People like to consume content in different ways. By increasing the number of ways people can consume your content you are significantly expanding your reach.
  • The time required to share content in different ways is a fraction of the time that is required to produce an original piece of content.
  • The cost of producing each subsequent piece of content reduces significantly. i.e. each additional time the content is repackaged you are effectively squeezing more juice out of the same lemon.

Let’s take a quick look at how nrl.com does this so effectively:

Their original piece of content is a game of rugby league featuring two opposing teams. Here are the different ways you can consume the original piece of content:

  • Watch the game live on the nrl.com app
  • Read about the game in a match report article
  • Watch a full replay of the game at a time that best suits you
  • Watch highlights of the game
  • Watch extended highlights of the game
  • Review all the crucial statistics from the game

I guess you get the idea.

With each and every piece of content they roll out, nrl.com are capitalising on the opportunity to generate more income through promotion of a sponsor’s product, or products of their own.  

If you’re thinking “I’m not nrl.com so how is this relevant to me?” the basic ingredients are the same whether you have got a national presence or are a one-man-band.

Invest time in producing great content but produce less of it, then repurpose, recut, and repackage it in more ways.

create less, promote more (buffer.com)
create less, promote more (buffer.com)

Here are five simple ways to re-cut the same piece of original content for maximum results:

  1. Turn a blog article into a video and post it on your social media accounts – add subtitles for extra impact.
  2. Create an Instagram or Facebook post featuring a top quote or takeaway from your blog article – ensure to include a link to access the original article.
  3. Re-cut an old blog article using the catchy headline method i.e. scrap your old title and add the name of someone interesting or important in a new catchy headline. Include their thoughts on the topic in the body of your new article.
  4. Turn a blog article into a downloadable e-book – use the content curation method to add additional valuable information simply and quickly to the existing points in your article. Be sure to ask for an email address in exchange for downloading.   
  5. Turn an e-book into a webinar – live or recorded webinars are becoming an increasingly popular way to consume useful information. Produce and share a webinar that helps people solve a problem and watch your following rise.  

This approach is the very same approach we’ve used with great success at MBS. Recently we took an article and turned into an e-book, the e-book was then turned into a webinar, and the webinar into a short course on generating leads through digital marketing.

Remember that every piece of marketing content you produce is an opportunity to build a relationship with a prospective client. Doing so using the method outlined in this article will ensure you not only get more eyes and ears on everything you produce; you’ll also see greater results and with less time and effort than you ever thought possible.

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Through an intimate understanding of the industry and a ‘no-BS’ approach we help advice businesses rollout marketing that delivers leads.

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